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Meet the Producers

Moving Images, a non-profit production company, has been promoting global justice and environmental protection since the late 1980s. Moving Images’ films address some of the most severe contemporary problems while offering examples of proven solutions to guide and encourage viewers to work constructively for change.

Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young

Mark Dworkin & Melissa Young introducing their film Good Food at the Seattle International Film Festival

In collaboration with Moving Images, seasoned documentary producers Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young have produced a broad range of films on social and environmental issues. Tony Harrah, a longtime labor activist, is joining the team as Associate Producer. Branding, publicity, and social media campaign management for Shift Change are provided by Natasha Dworkin Communications.

Previous productions of Young and Dworkin have won prestigious awards from CINE, Houston, Media That Matters, Chicago, NW Film and Video, Women in Film/Seattle, Prix Leonardo, International Wildlife Festivals and many others. These films are in broad circulation in academic and community settings and 5 have been broadcast nationally on PBS stations. Good Food, broadcast in 2010, takes a look at the expanding sustainable food and farming system in the Pacific Northwest.  Argentina – Turning Around examined worker run factories that arose in Argentina several years after a severe economic collapse.

interviewing founder of Mondragon

Dworkin and Young interview Mondragon founder, Jose Maria Ormaetxea. Photo by Javier Marcos.

Released in 2012, We Are Not Ghosts  features people in Detroit who have a new vision for their devastated rust belt city and are rebuilding from the ground up. When the auto industry collapsed, most people moved away, the tax base collapsed, and boarded up and burnt out houses could be seen all over the city. Many think Detroit’s best days are behind it, yet as spoken word artist Jessica Care Moore puts it, “Somebody’s gotta tell them, that we are not ghosts, that we are in this city and we are alive! So don’t write eulogies for Detroit, no uninspired folk songs of gloom, some of us are coming home to show the world, how to make the planet move!” [Now available from Bullfrog Films]

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