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Screening Resources

Are you hosting or coordinating a screening of SHIFT CHANGE?  On this page, we will be posting resources to help you promote your screening, guide a discussion, and follow up with your attendees. Please check back soon for more screening resources.


Promote your SHIFT CHANGE Screening on Bullfrog Communities

If you are coordinating a screening of SHIFT CHANGE, you can promote your event via our distributor’s website Bullfrog Communities. Register your date on their interactive website, utilize their social media tools, find posters, a discussion guide, news, and more. Click here to learn more and/or register your screening now >

If you need to purchase a copy of SHIFT CHANGE for a public screening, at which you can charge admission if you choose, click here >


Download and Edit a SHIFT CHANGE Screening Flyer


Editable SHIFT CHANGE Flyer (PDF):

Click the link above to download the PDF, then fill in the fields provided with your event information, including time/date/location, sponsors, and ticketing info. Please note that you must have Acrobat  in order to be able to make edits to this PDF.





Facebook and Twitter

Please take advantage of the SHIFT CHANGE Facebook fan page and Twitter following to help promote your screening. Mention @Shift_Change in your tweets, post about your event on the SHIFT CHANGE Facebook page, and use hash tags like #coop, #coops2012, #neweconomy, #economicdemocracy, and #workerowned on Twitter to help spread the word to the right audiences. Below are some sample tweets to help you get the word out about your screening.

Sample Tweet 1: New #film about #workerownership and #coops in the US and @Mondragon. @Shift_Change at [location], on [date].

Sample Tweet 2: Are #coops the solution for a #neweconomy? New film @Shift_Change makes the case [date, location]. #coops #workerowned


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