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Watch a 6-Minute Preview of SHIFT CHANGE

May 3, 20125 Comments

At a time when many are disillusioned with big banks and big business, and growing inequity in our country, employee ownership offers a real solution for workers and communities. SHIFT CHANGE is a new documentary that highlights worker-owned enterprises in North America and in Mondragon, Spain.

Take a look at the preview and please share your comments.

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  1. Anne Mosness says:

    At a time when so many feel they have little control over their financial futures and that businesses operate solely for profit, Mark and Melissa have given us a beautiful gift… showing flourishing worker cooperatives, shared owner responsibilities, pride of workmanship, generations of security. Another extraordinary documentary from Moving Images that provides a blueprint many may follow.

  2. eLiz says:

    It is my wholehearted belief that worker cooperatives are a huge part of the solution for the world’s woes (for the 99%). The end of publicly held corporations and the equity market is an essential piece of the reform necessary. The centralization of corporate power and wealth must cease. Worker coops offer something to workers that they can’t get from big business. I believe that when people see this alternative to cube farms and life-deadening work environments, there will be an explosion of worker coops, drawing the good, the bright, and the cooperative. ** One goal is to put in place a blueprint for potential cooperatives to look to for clear, structured guidance.

  3. Enrico says:

    You can also find useful the printed book “Coop made in USA”, that present the same subject with insights to the different governance and organization methods used in the coop movement in the USA.

  4. william l fell says:

    I am a retired mechanical engineer and have been working to propagate the cooperative idea. I want to embed it into the fabric of the USA since I became aware of Mondragon four years ago. I think it is the future of this country. Thank you for your patriotic work.

  5. Raif Duggan says:

    I am an electrical contractor/solar integrator trying to start a worker-owned co-op in Los Angeles that specializes in off-grid/sustainable new construction and retrofits – both commercial and residential. I’m looking for other electricians, plumbers, carpenters, whatever. If you’re interested, email me at coopelectric at gmail dot com. Thanks.

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