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The Field Guide to Investing in a Resilient Economy: Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperatives (CSR Newswire)

April 11, 20120 Comments

[This article was originally published on CSR Newswire. Read the full story here >]

By Susan Arterian

In our last post we introduced Capital Institute’s Field Guide to Investing in a Resilient Economy series, which utilizes the power of narrative to recast the story of our financial system, chronicling the progress of transformative, scalable, real-world investment models that support the creation of a more just and resilient economy.

We also highlighted the first Field Guide study, Grasslands, LLC. This week we explore the subject of Capital Institute’s second Field Guide study, Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperatives.

A network of employee-owned, for-profit companies, the Evergreen Cooperatives initiative of Cleveland, Ohio, deserves high praise as an ambitious experiment in worker-ownership, anchor-institution-based “green” job creation, and wealth-building in an impoverished urban neighborhood.

But we at Capital Institute see Evergreen as that and much more….

Read the full story here >

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