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Capitalism Has Failed: 5 Bold Ways to Build a New World (Alternet)

May 25, 20120 Comments

Gar Alperovitz and the Democracy Collaborative which he founded are working with us to set up screenings of Shift Change in the fall and helping to prepare discussion materials to accompany the film.  This article is the first in a 5 part series published on Alternet.

May 16, 2012:  As our political system sputters, a wave of innovative thinking and bold experimentation is quietly sweeping away outmoded economic models. In New Economic Visions, a special five-part AlterNet series edited by economics editor Lynn Parramore in partnership with political economist Gar Alperovitz of the Democracy Collaborative, creative thinkers come together to explore the exciting ideas and projects that are shaping the philosophical and political vision of the movement that could take our economy back… [read the full article]

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