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Occupy by Analogy: Christopher Mackin in Conversation with The Straddler

June 11, 20120 Comments

[Originally published in The Straddler] This is an excellent interview with Christopher Mackin, of Ownership Associates, in which he reflects on the development of current mainstream business structures and also the roots and possibilities for more widespread employee ownership.


On April 17, 2012, The Straddler met Christopher Mackin in the lobby of the New Yorker Hotel to discuss his views on present-day American capitalism and the potential for economic alternatives. Mackin is founder and president of the Cambridge-based firm Ownership Associates, and has worked as both a professional and an academic in the field of worker ownership since 1978. A member of the core faculty of the Harvard Trade Union Program, he recently completed his second consecutive year as Ray Carey Fellow at Rutgers, where this past spring he taught a new course, called Democratic Capitalism, that he designed for the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.

On his weekly trips between Cambridge and New Brunswick this past spring semester, Mackin made several stops in New York City to present a less structured version of his Democratic Capitalism course to individuals and working groups affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement…. Read the full story >




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